After 20 years of circling the globe,
the Artnauts will launch an anniversary exhibition
Rally ‘Round the flag of Social Justice,
and symposium on

November 11 & 12, 2016
at RedLine Gallery
Denver, Colorado

to celebrate over 230 exhibitions on five continents
expressed in a second exhibition, Globalization

Friday, November 11th exhibition open 6:00-9:00 p.m. 



Saturday, November 12th, Curatorial tour at 9:30 a.m. by Linda Weintraub, curator, educator, artist and author of several popular contemporary art books. followed by three symposium panels on the History of the Artnauts, Art & Social Change and The Art of the Collective to include quest speakers, Dr. George Rivera (CU), Dennis Dalton (CSU Pueblo), Carla Alvarez (UT), Dr. Kirk Ambrose (CU), Dr. Beth Krensky (UofU), Dr. Susan Noyes Platt, art historian, critic and activist, and special Artnauts from various global locations.  

Mark your calendars, you will not want to miss this event!

SEPTEMBER 20, 2016

Let us salute the Artnauts! These intrepid emissaries of good will discard art world pretensions to deliver encouraging greetings to depressed populations around the world. They have exemplified humanitarian generosity each time an Artnaut suitcase was delivered to a troubled location around the world and the contents of an entire exhibition was unpacked! By achieving a grand mission on limited resources, these virtuous members of the art community manifest a moral principle and a strategy to activate it! Their unlikely formula for success is: high art + low budget =  excellence.  

The Artnauts’ 20th anniversary exhibition was designed to reprise the group’s impressive accomplishments. There is much to celebrate! Between 1995 – 2015, the Artnauts mounted 226 exhibitions in nineteen countries that were dispersed across the globe! This free-wheeling ‘retro-spective’ exhibition is simultaneously a ‘pro-spective’ because the group’s archive of past exhibitions serves as the impetus for the creation of all new works of art included in this commemorative event.  

Representing the Artnaut’s ambitious agenda required an innovative curatorial approach. My challenge was to construct an overview of the group’s worldwide interventions and its commitment to each region’s social justice challenges. To accomplish this, all 300 members of Artnauts were invited to create a new work of art inspired by the injustice that was significant in the location of a past Artnaut exhibition. Thus, members submitted proposals for curatorial review, not completed works of art. As a result, my role as curator expanded from merely making ‘accepted/rejected’ determinations. It included initiating a dialogue with artists regarding the development and realization of their projects.

Throughout the ensuing months, the selected artists and I were in frequent contact. I guided their individual efforts toward the creation of an exhibition that honored this occasion, and was both conceptually and visually rewarding. This required balancing two contrasting principles – ‘coherence’ and ‘diversity’.

The first decision I made was ‘conceptual’. I determined that conceptual coherence could be guaranteed if all the works of art represented a social justice issue at a past Artnaut exhibition site. At the same time, conceptual diversity would emerge because the locations and topics each artist chose to address varied.

Designing the visual experience provided by the exhibition proved more challenging. After much deliberation, I asked each artist to convey their theme by referring to the ‘flag’. Because flags abound with aesthetic and expressive opportunities, this approach would ensure both visual coherence and visual diversity. Artists were encouraged to engage the flag as image, as honored object, as patriotic symbol, as emotional embodiment, or as a ceremonial emblem.

The resulting exhibition more than fulfills the exhibition title, ‘Rally ‘Round the Flag of Justice’. It not only encapsulates the Artnaut’s mission, it describes the twenty-six contributing artists who really did rally to this occasion.  Visitors will experience the fruits of their significant efforts. As in all their exhibitions, these Artnauts were undaunted, dedicated, and imaginative.