This year marks our 20th anniversary.  To celebrate this massive accomplishment, we are going to have 2 shows running at the same time at RedLine in Denver, November 11, 2015 – Jan 8, 2016. (

THE FIRST SHOW,  the 20th Anniversary Archival Exhibition (refer to it as AAE), Artnauts founder and chief curator, Dr. George Rivera will curate a selection of works from the past 20 years of exhibitions. This part of the exhibition will highlight the collective’s history and missions.  In addition to the actual works, we will have archival materials on display to illustrate the depth and breadth of the collective. 

In 2017, the AAE will be exhibited at the University of Texas, Austin.  The exhibition will then be included in the UT, Austin, Nettie Lee Benson Archive, Latin American Collection in the Dr. George Rivera Papers’ Archive.

THE SECOND SHOW will be curated by the renowned curator and writer Linda Wientraub.

In conjunction with the exhibitions, there will be a symposium on social justice, community based programming, and catalogs for both shows.

We are REALLY fortunate to collaborate with RedLine and fantastic director Louise Martorano and her staff to mark and celebrate this important time in our history.